I like that we started activating my whole body and that in the sessions I am at the same time being motivated and my limits are being challenged. I like that as a teacher he also listen a lot and that hes had a full coherent lifestyle around fitness. I like his approach that sometimes it is not about how much weight or repetitions, but about technique, range of motion or mobility. I like the boxing intermezzo’s. Last but not least: He is reliable, he does what he says.

I am happier and healthier, my body looks much better. I walk more straight and I have more self confidence. I am able to do things that before I thought were not possible. “You can do more than you think” By seeing improvement in the things that I do, in my body and physical condition, I realise that I can do the same in any other aspect of my life.

I would say: If you want to create a healthy habit an d find the motivation to break the vicious circle of a sedentary lifestyle, then Niels provides a friendly yet rigorous approach. With Niels you know that you will not have injuries and that all progress you make, is a solid progress.