NIELS Duinmaijer

I’ve established my foundation at a young age when I started serving in the army. I use a calm, but disciplined approach to push you through challenging strength training sessions. Also, I love to inspire people to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Personal Trainer | Movement Therapist

He maintains strong ties with his clients. He feels a strong responsibility for the well-being of the people under his care. The people he guides are always his priority.

Niels established his basis at a young age when he started serving in the army. This shaped him and made him very disciplined. His calm approach in times of stress(also during heavy exercises) work therapeutically. His army fundamentals are also reflected in the exercises he uses for his training. This makes his training courses exceptionally creative and different.

Niels is a CIOS and NASM certified Strength Trainer and Movement Therapist. He loves to explain the role of mobility, motor control and functional patterns in fundamental movements. He works closely together with various chiropractors and physiotherapists, so you’re always ensured of the most optimal care.


  • Functional Strength Training
  • Movement therapy
  • Advanced corrective exercises
  • Mobility training


2018 – 2019 NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine
International certificate
– Optimum performance training model (OPT)
– Training methods for beginners, advanced and professional athletes
– Behavioural change
– Anatomy

2018 Livis EHBO

2018 – 2019 KNKF – Koninklijke Nederlandse Kracht en Fitnessbond
Training Powerlifting Instructor
– Specialisation squat, bench press and deadlift
– posture correction
– periodization

2017-2018 ISAK level 1 Measuring body composition following international protocol, The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
– Basic anatomy
– Tools and calibration
– Methods of measuring body composition
– Somatotype and calculation
– Creating insight on mistakes in measuring
– Body composition in sports

International conference by NOC*NSF on sports nutrition
International Leaders in sports performance conference, NOC*NSF Papendal– The future of sports nutrition
– Periodization of nutrition for performance
– Dietary protein to support muscle and strength gains and plant-based protein
– Vitamin D levels in athletes

2016-2017 Lead Coach Fundamentals – Rotterdam– coaching techniques
–listening and asking during conversations
– group coaching
– setting goals
– process management


2016-2017 Medic First Aid Europe (MFA, AED)

2015-2016 Personal Training Journey – London
Internal training David Lloyd Leisure– individual coaching
– physiology
– giving advise
– various training methods
– training techniques

2015-2016 Training principles – London
Internal training David Lloyd Leisure– activity physiology
– training theory
– training techniques: kettlebell, VIPR, TRX
– safety procedures

2015-2016 Medic First Aid Europe (MFA, AED)

2015-2016 Hogeschoolvan Amsterdam
Course sports nutrition
– optimal basic nutrition for an athlete
– adjusting to types of exercise
– nutrition during training
– nutrition during competitions

2015- 2016 Functional Movement systems (FMS) – Helsinki
Advanced corrective exercises Level 2– performance and sustainability
– correcting exercises
– conditioning of motion patterns
– re-education of motion patterns
– reactive neuromuscular training

2015-2016 Functional Movement systems (FMS) – Helsinki
Functional movement screening Level 1
– standardisation of motion pattern analyses
– screening system
– analysing motion patterns
– determining short- and long-term motion patterns

2014-2015 Medic First Aid Europe (MFA, AED)

2010-2014 Central Institute of Sports (CIOS)
– movement therapist
– personal trainer
– sports masseur
– sports and motion coordinator

work experience

2017-present Body Masters
– personal training
– revalidation
– sports massages
– taking motion assessments
– lectures

2016-2017 David Lloyd Amsterdam
Lead Coach
– educating of internal trainers
– club service

2015-2017 David Lloyd Amsterdam
Personal trainer
– individual guidance

2014-2015 David Lloyd Amsterdam
Fitness Coach
– intakes
– group activities

2012-2014 Heliomare
Movement therapist
– Motion therapy
– TIA-revalidation

2013-2014 Hospital Amstelland
Motion therapist
– heart revalidation
– senior fitness
– motion therapy
– sports massages

2012-2014 Achmea Health Center
Fitness Coach/ Personal Trainer
– stabilizing motion patterns
– improving core stability
– conditioning the body

2008-2010 Koninklijke Landmacht te Arnhem
Airmobile brigade


2016 CIOS Haarlem
CIOS NL Symposium
– trends and developments in connecting of education
– opportunities on the internship market
– expectations of businesses

2018 Joya Amsterdam Lecture on plant-based nutrition and sports for among other Bloggers Go with the Glow

2018 Vegan Foods Festival Westergasfabriek Amsterdam Lecture about plant-based nutrition and athletics with the integration of
– BCAA-rich nutrition
– Timing of protein
– Energy balance
– Training principles
and explanation of basic training principles for hypertrophy (muscle growth)