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One on one training
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Unlock your full potential to maximize your performance and progress. We’ll manage your journey towards your goal, hold you accountable and keep you motivated to persevere. We’ll help you build your sustainable physique from scratch.

Training with us is not just training. We will help you build and sustain a lifestyle. Trust us when we say this could be a complete game changer.

We will create a science-based custom plan to your goals. Together we’ll unlock your full potential. We will be there for you and coach you through more than just a set. 
We will teach you how to lift, how to connect with your body, how to control muscle groups and how to progress with your physique ánd mindset. Outsource your physical and mental transformation. You are in good hands.

What can you expect?

  • Specification of your goal and categorization into long-term and short-term time-bound goals
  • A 100% personalized custom training plan
  • We’ll track and monitor your progress & performance
  • You’ll learn how to control your body. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses;
  • We monitor the correct execution of the exercises;
  • We monitor how you use your body. Are there muscle groups that are less active, so that others will compensate?
  • We periodically adjust to your goal(s) (new training stimulation to keep the body constantly focused);
  • We care for your safety;
  • We’ll push you through plateaus;
  • We’ll teach you how to train and how to progress;
  • Optional: personalized meal plan & nutritional coaching