Starting from
€360 p/m


Effective personal training from reliable fitness experts with 10 years of experience.

100% tailor-made, scientifically based personal training in the heart of Amsterdam

Also suitable for people with neck, knee and back problems

  • In English or Dutch
  • Personal Training in our private gym: Marnixstraat 232-K, 1016TL Amsterdam
Are you ready for result now? Don’t know where to start, do you lack motivation or are you short on time?
Choose tailor-made personal training and train effectively ánd efficiently for transformation. Step-by-step.

You’ll never be unsure if you’re doing it right. Now, you’ll see results.

As your personal trainers, we will create an effective science-based custom plan to your goals. We teach you how to train, how to eat, how to connect with your body, how to control muscle groups and how to build a fit lifestyle. With us you will not only build physical strength, but mental strength and confidence too.

You are in good hands.

How does personal training work?

  1. Intake & assessment: During your first session we map out the initial situation, goal and personal preferences. Using the movement assessment, we test body control and identify any under- or over-active muscle groups. We also look at body composition. Based on this, we draw up a targeted step-by-step plan.
  2. Basic fit & healthy food principles: We teach you how to functionally nourish your body with basic foods in the correct distribution. An extensive customized meal plan is also possible on request.
  3. Effective resistance training and mobility for best results: You’ll train with a clear focus on your goal. Whether you’re a complete beginner or not, you’ll learn how to maximally engage specific muscles and sustain muscle tension for the best results. Understand the reasoning behind our exercise selection and how to perform them correctly. The intensity is personalized to your individual level, and we progress in a structured way.
  4. Optimize your daily activity: We also advise on your daily exercise pattern. This is separate from training. This is important to be able to provide targeted nutritional advice, but also to check whether you are meeting the exercise guidelines for optimal health that can support your goals.
  5. Personal training with both physical and mental coaching: Not only do we pay attention to physical health, but we will also provide emotional support. We can support your mental well-being with the help of targeted questions, critical reasoning and professional conversation techniques.