ANGELA  Oosterling

I help women with 1:1 shape-enhancing workouts, custom diet plans & transformative coaching.

Always using a no-BS science-based approach.

Angela Oosterling

Sports dietitian | Strength Coach | Anthropometrist
BSc Sports Dietetics, NSCA-CPT, ISAK 1

Angela is a very experienced, skilled and caring coach. She has made it her mission to help people build their sustainable physiques with a no-BS approach. She’ll use her science-based strategies and methods to teach you how to change your relationship with food, training, your body and your emotions. You’ll learn how to sustainably alter your body composition and how to progress over time. Angela is very passionate about the human body, emotional health, nutrition and strength training. Her valuable coaching techniques often motivate people to completely reinvent themselves, leading to sustainable lifestyle changes.


  • Body Recomposition
    (Fat Loss/Muscle Gain)
  • (Plant-Based) Nutrition
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Emotional Health
  • Corrective exercises
  • Lower back complications


2020-2021 Advanced Nutrition for Fat Loss

Clean Health Australia


– Understand the difference between coaching people to lose fat compared to getting stage lean. You will also understand the mindset and expectations when dealing with physique athletes.
– TDEE, determining caloric intake, nutrient timing, macro targets, and how to get the most out of the different macronutrients to maximise results.
– The science of refeeds, diet breaks, the difference and when to program either one depending on the client goal and trainee level.
– Advanced Training Principles for Fat loss with ground rules of program design, periodization, auto-regulation, volume, exercise selection.
– Bodybuilding contest prep process; check-ins, measurements, plateau busting
– The science of peak week for physique athletes.
– Post competition/photoshootprogramming; the different adaptations to fat loss that can occur post-event weight regain and reverse dieting.  How to periodise nutrition and training to maximise gains after the event.
– supplements for advanced populations; protein powder, creatine, caffeine, betaine, citrulline, essential amino acids, BCAA and over 10 other popular and researched supplements.

2019-2020 Post-HBO (Top) athletes and eating disorders –
Psydi Scholingen voor Professionals

– Signaling on time
– How to deal with the physical risks
– Advice on nutrition and training intensity
– Weight classes and growth curves for young athletes
– Consultation with other disciplines such as trainers/coaches,
physical therapist and sports doctor.

2018-2019 Post-HBO Lifestyle coaching for dietitians – Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen

– Inform: designing and executing interventions aimed at optimizing
a healthy lifestyle (Activity, smoking, liquor and relaxation)
– Treating: Based on an analysis of clients making a diagnosis
concerning activity, smoking, alcohol and relaxation & designing a
treatment plan.
– Coaching: Guiding and coaching for behavioural changes in activity,
smoking, alcohol and relaxation based on MGV.

2017-2018 Post-HBO Treating eating disorders

– Knowledge of the different kinds of eating disorders and the ability to
diagnose them
– Knowledge of having the right attitude in conversations and being able
to apply this skill.
– Knowledge and skills for designing a treatment plan and executing it.
This includes calculating nutrition, keeping possible issues as refeeding
in mind, and assessment of growth curves in youths.
– Knowledge of possible psychiatric comorbidity.
– Knowledge of recognizing dysfunctional thoughts about nutrition,
weight and self-reflection in a patient.
– the ability to recognize function and meaning of the dysfunctional
behaviour in a patient and to discuss this together.

2017-2018 ISAK level 1 Measuring body composition following international protocol, The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen

– Basic anatomy
– Tools and calibration
– Methods of measuring body composition
– Somatotype and calculation
– Creating insight on mistakes in measuring
– Body composition in sports

2017-2018 International conference by NOC*NSF on sports nutrition
International Leaders in sports performance conference, NOC*NSF Papendal- The future of sports nutrition

– Periodization of nutrition for performance
– Dietary protein to support muscle and strength gains and plant-based
– Vitamin D levels in athletes

2016-2017 Post-HBO Specialization in sports dietetics – Hereafter to be called Sports dietitian (protected title), Hogeschoolvan Amsterdam Specialization in nutrition for professional athletes with integration of:

– Clinical sports nutrition
– Exercise physiology
– Training theory
– Basic sports nutrition
– Nutrition and activity
– Weight and fat percentage
– Sport-focused case studies on nutrition and activity
– Sport psychology
– Doping and supplements
– Research/Evidence Based Medicine
– Multidisciplinary collaboration

2012-2016 Bachelor of Science Nutrition and Dietetics, Hereafter to be called dietitian (protected title)

– Nutrition of the Healthy Human
– Foods (composition and qualities)
– Lifestyle diseases
– Nutritional physiology
– Epidemiology
– Research skills
– Dietary consultation
– Cardio Vascular Risk Management (the consequences of
eating too much and having too little activity: cardio-vascular diseases)
– Evidence Based Action (nutritional care based on the needs and
possibilities of the client and scientifically based knowledge)

2015-2016 Certified Zumba instructor

– Skills in creating a dancing and fitness class
– Skills in creating aerobics choreographies
– Skills in dancing and fitness experience
– Basic dance elements: salsa, meringue, cumbia, bachata, reggaeton

2015-2016 Medic First Aid Europe (MFA, AED)

2015-2016 International Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer NSCA-CPT

– Assessing the medical history and health; assessing fitness; Basic nutrition evaluation. Planning. Setting goals; designing a training schedule; adapting training; special populations. Training techniques. Machine resistance exercises; exercises with free weights; flexibility exercises; callisthenic and body weight exercises; sports specific and performance related activities; cardio vascular machines; non-machinal cardio vascular activities; Alternative training activities. Safety, emergency procedures and legal issues, Emergency procedures; Emergency help; Professional, legal and ethical responsibility.

2014-2015 course Direct accessibility dietetics – screening process and communication to the client and doctor/paramedic.

2008-2012 Bachelor of Design Fashion design and communication, Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht

2002-2008 Atheneum + Trajecto Español Het Amsterdams Lyceum

work experience

2016-present Body Masters

– nutrition, dietetics, (sports)dietetics:
professional athletes, overweight, obesity, eating disorders, pregnancy
– personal training
– measuring body composition
– workshops, lectures and articles

2015-2017 David Lloyd Amsterdam

– Fitness coach
– Personal Trainer
– Nutritional expert and dietitian

2015-2016 Dietitian practice Stay2Balance Zaandam

– Set up new dietitian practice
– Development website
– Developing promotional materials
– Dietetics, namely: overweight, obesity, DM II, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia.

2013-2014 Marqt Amsterdam

– Product branding
– Food styling and photography
– Product partner communication

2013-2014 Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital

– Screening of malnutrition
– Dietetic consult

2013-2014 Academic Medical Centre (AMC)

– Chronic kidney failure
– Screening of malnutrition
– Dietetic consult


2018 David Lloyd Amsterdam
Lecture and workshop- macronutrients

– calculating energy
– diets like the keto diet, intermittent fasting, sport fasting
– often occurring cases

2018 Joya Amsterdam Lecture on plant-bases nutrition and sports for among other Bloggers

Go with the Glow

2018 BOLS Amsterdam Workshop and seminar

Healthy nutrition in combination with working as a catering professional
What is healthy nutrition?
Health guidelines
The importance of carbohydrates
Complete meal and which meals matter?
Planning nutrition around work

2018 Vegan Foods Festival Westergasfabriek Amsterdam Lecture about plant-based nutrition and strength sports

with the integration of
– BCAA-rich nutrition
– Timing of protein
– Energy balance
– Training principles
and an explanation of basic training principles for hypertrophy (muscle growth)


During the Linda festival I was available as a dietitian for a free consultation.


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Article about how to set up for succes when you’re the only one in your household trying to lose weight.

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Article about if the sweet potato is worth the hype

2018 Women’s Health – January

Article about smart strength training. How supersets burn more calories with specific exercises.

2018 Healthy Hospo

E-book 1 & 2. Two e-books for catering professionals about how to create a full menu for the day, how to deal with temptations and information about popular subjects like soy, coconut oil and sport fasting. Available in English as a member of:

2016 HvA Kennisbank:

Optimizing the assessment of nutritional status in children: would a growth curve based on lean body mass (index) help?


BNN Filemon Slaat Door:

Nutritional guidance and weight management for Ajouad El Miloudi in preparation of a kickboxing match.