price per month
€850 p/m

Female Personal Training + CUSTOM MEAL PLAN

8 personal training sessions + custom meal plan

Transform with a Female Expert in Personal Training, Nutrition and Coaching

Our Food Focussed Personal Training package for women includes:

🤝 8 Personal Training sessions a month in a Private Gym
💃 Shape-enhancing workouts
🍏 Diet Plan with Monthly Changing Custom Meal Plans
📊 Intensive (24/7) Coaching

Break free from old habits, achieve your initial goals, and let’s create a roadmap for continuous success.
I will build a comprehensive & Easy-to-Follow Program. No more guessing – our A to Z guide covers it all!


This is what you’ll learn: 

  • Learn the basics of a diet focused on losing weight and building muscles, including the right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Discover how many calories you need for weight loss and muscle building.
  • Learn how to estimate portion sizes to avoid both overeating and deficiencies.
  • Explore practical strategies to replace unhealthy habits with smarter choices.
  • Understand how and how much to move to support body shaping and weight loss without hindering progress.
  • Discover effective techniques to reduce emotional eating.

Also suitable for: 100% Vegan, for IBS or complex relationships with food


We’ll set up a date for an intake to discuss the goal, current diet, daily activity, habits and screen the body with a movement assessment.

The typical questions we would ask during the intake are:
+ What the specifics are around your goal and in what timeframe you would like to reach that;
+ What you (like to) eat/drink on a daily basis;
+ What you don’t like to eat;
+ What you think possible pitfalls are
+ Allergies, intolerances, injuries
+ To determine your current situation and for further progress monitoring purposes, we will ask you to make pictures from the front, side and back of the body alongside your current body weight and height.

Step by Step Roadmap 
We’ll carve out the phases in your year needed to get to the body you want. A step-by-step customized plan towards your longterm goal, by structuring your months, carving out short terms goals, gradually increasing or decreasing calories, adapting macronutrients and working towards progressive overload in training.


Within 3 working days after your nutrition assessment you’ll receive your custom meal.

Meal Plan & Tracking Food
You’ll get a custom nutrition program which contains the caloric and macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates and fats) set up, how to build meals with the right macronutrient distribution. You’ll create a basic understanding of what is in the food you eat regarding calories and macronutrients. We’ll teach you how to use it to monitor and portion food intake sticking to your recommendations.



I know its unique; I’m a BSc sports dietitian ánd personal trainer with 10 years of experience helping people reach their body goals.
But that is why my approach stands out—blending expertise in nutrition and fitness, I bring an easy to follow plan to guide you. Even when your relationship with food feels complex. Trust me when I say, my nutritional coaching can change how you look at food and your body.

I’ll guide you through your diet and personal training sessions
We’ll discuss solutions when falling off track. Next to that, you’ll have effective and efficient body sculpting personal training sessions.