Angela is hands down one of the best PT I’ve had the chance to work with. Given my chaotic traveling schedule I’ve been training with PT’s just about everywhere in the world where my job took me, so let’s say I have a solid benchmark by now J. To start with she made the 10 days PT sessions, on a daily schedule happen and adjusted to my calendar so that we could schedule all sessions.

She is extremely knowledgeable, she quickly adjusted the workout to best fit both my needs and my style and her medical background helped a great deal in me understanding the dynamics of certain exercises and made me comfortable that while pushing beyond my comfort zone I wasn’t breaking anything in the process. Angela was all about results and today, when I had my last measurements, we noticed that she had me 1.7% down on my body fat and I gained 2.4% of muscle – only in 10 days!  That is amazing and I could have never achieved these results had it not been for her.