price per month
€385 p/m



Intensive full coaching & support with weekly 1:1 coaching calls. Learn how to build a physique from scratch. You’ll learn how to self-monitor for longterm succes. After successfully finishing your first phase (fat loss, muscle gain), we’ll set-up a clear roadmap to continue your physique building journey. You’ll learn habits and behaviors which will lead to a new adopted lifestyle. We’ll teach you how to endure challenges, plan for succes and change your mindset.
 A complete package with A-Z coaching/strategies and methods for your first year of building towards your physique (cutting, building muscle, maintenance).


 100% vegan meal plan is possible


We’ll set up a date for an intake through Zoom to discuss the goal, current nutritional and daily activity habits, injuries etc.

The typical questions we would ask during the intake are:
+ What the specifics are around your goal and in what timeframe you would like to reach that;
+ What you (like to) eat/drink on a daily basis;
+ What you don’t like to eat;
+ What you think possible pitfalls are
+ Allergies and intolerances
+ To determine your current situation and for further progress monitoring purposes, we will ask you to make pictures from the front, side and back of the body alongside your current body weight and height.

Step by Step Roadmap 
We’ll carve out the phases in your year needed to get to the physique you want. A step-by-step customized plan towards your longterm goal, by structuring your months, carving out short terms goals, gradually increasing or decreasing calories, adapting macronutrients and working towards progressive overload in training.


Within 3 working days after your intake you’ll receive your custom meal and training plan.

Meal Plan & Tracking Food
You’ll get a custom nutrition program which contains the caloric and macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates and fats) set up, how to build meals with the right macronutrient distribution. Also, we would typically ask you to start tracking your nutrition. This way we can see what you’re eating on a daily basis and if you’re sticking to the plan. You’ll create a basic understanding of what is in the food you eat regarding calories and macronutrients. We’ll teach you how to use it to monitor intake sticking to your recommendations.

Training plan & Filming workouts
You’ll get a custom training program built with weekly progressive overload. We would typically ask you to film a set of your exercises so we can check technique and Perceived exertion (how hard you feel like your body is working). Training schedules are changed monthly (periodization/mesocycling). You’ll understand the fundamentals of training.



We’ll be your social support and take you by the hand though every challenge.

We’ll guide you through your nutrition and training plan
As mentioned before, your coach will typically ask you to start logging your food. Though the app your coach will see how you’re doing and send you a message if she sees you’re falling off track. Next to that, you’ll have to film a set of every exercise of your training to check technique and progress. This is important for designing your future training programs and make sure you’re executing the exercises as planned.

Weekly coach check- ins
Your coach will send an in-app-message to ask about difficulties, progress and current status on Wednesday or Friday (next to 1:1 coaching calls). However, you will have the option to contact your coach from Monday-Sunday. You’ll get to learn about your weaknesses and what could throw you off track. We’ll teach you how to stay consistent through it all.

Weekly 1:1 coaching calls
Once a week we’ll set up a call through Zoom to discuss progress and what steps to take the following week. We’ll adapt where needed to push through plateaus.