Sports nutrition plan

Have you ever thought about how you can improve your sports performance through nutrition?  Or would you like to know how you can optimally recover through nutrition? We can help you with this. We specialize in nutrition for sports and have knowledge of and insight into the various processes that play a role in physical exertion, such as exercise physiology, nutritional physiology, sports psychology and sports sociology.

What will we cover?

The current nutritional intake will be analysed, and advice is given on, for example, nutrition related to training, eating on rest days, optimizing recovery, fluid intake, safe use of supplementation, eating on competition days, gastrointestinal complaints and weight management. We do this on the basis of 3 steps:


The foundation.
A healthy balanced diet provides you with all the nutrients your body needs. When the balanced diet is in order, you have laid a good foundation for optimum sport performance.


Sports specific nutrition.
Do you want to improve your performance, be able to train longer at an intensive level or a faster recovery after heavy physical exertion? We will then look at the sport-specific diet. These are meals, sports drinks, sports bars or sports gels that can be taken around a workout or exercise. The following applies here: ‘’timing is everything’’.


For top athletes, sport supplements can have a performance enhancing effect, provided they are not harmful to the health and are not on the doping list.

What is our work method?


Prior to the intake consultation we will ask you to keep track of your nutrition intake for a few days in our format (you will receive this by e-mail) or in a nutrition app that we will work with;


During the intake consultation(90 minutes) the overall health and lifestyle are checked; the training sessions are discussed, and the current diet is screened and evaluated. With the help of a nutritional analysis, we will check whether your diet contains sufficient nutrients, energy and nutrients for the recovery of your muscles and optimum performance.


Your body composition can be measured using a 17-point measurement (according to the international ISAK protocol) to see how you can achieve even more profit in your sport. Click here for more information.


You will receive the discussed advice with a customized daily menubye-mail. This includes advice on, for example, nutrition during training, eating on rest days, optimizing recovery, fluid intake, safe use of supplementation, eating on competition days, gastrointestinal complains and weight management.


During follow-up consultation(s) we will discuss your questions and difficulties and you will be advised on effectiveness in practice. Depending on the goal, we will periodize with nutrition, we can start with any supplementation advice and your schedule will be adjusted accordingly.

What is covered?


  • Analysis of the current diet, lifestyle and body composition
  • How many calories?
  • Food hypersensitivity and allergies
  • Portion size in grams
  • How much and what to eat for a workout?
  • Starting recovery as soon as possible
  • Optimal recovery meals
  • Carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibres
  • Frequency and timing of nutrition


  • Sport specific food
  • Cheat meals
  • 90/10 principle
  • Adjusting goals and adjusting the eating schedule accordingly
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • (Sports) supplements
  • Evaluate energy around training
  • Hydration plan
  • Sports nutrition between training sessions
  • Periodizing with nutrition


  • Nutrition abroad
  • Hypes
  • Logging nutrition
  • Meal prep, planning and preparation
  • Match Schedule
  • Nutrition on rest days and off season


  • Intake consultation with nutrition analysis & a customized nutrition plan:
    EU 150,-
  • Follow-up consultation:
    EU 50,-

Extra option:

  • Body composition measurement + Report EU 69,-
  • 1 single follow-up measurement: EU 50,-
  • 3 follow-up measurements: EU 99,-