Madalina Defta

Finance Transformation Manager – GE Aviation

Angela is hands down one of the best PT I’ve had the chance to work with. Given my chaotic traveling schedule I’ve been training with PT’s just about everywhere in the world where my job took me, so let’s say I have a solid benchmark by now J. To start with she made the 10 days PT sessions, on a daily schedule happen and adjusted to my calendar so that we could schedule all sessions.

She is extremely knowledgeable, she quickly adjusted the workout to best fit both my needs and my style and her medical background helped a great deal in me understanding the dynamics of certain exercises and made me comfortable that while pushing beyond my comfort zone I wasn’t breaking anything in the process. Angela was all about results and today, when I had my last measurements, we noticed that she had me 1.7% down on my body fat and I gained 2.4% of muscle – only in 10 days!  That is amazing and I could have never achieved these results had it not been for her.

Can Kar

Senior manager consumer marketing

I like the fact that Niels is listening to me and my needs. He is motivating, yet not aggressive, so there is a good balance of pushing boundaries and respecting my limits. He has a very calm, easy going attitude which makes it very pleasant for me. I recognize my body is now in a shape to achieve more, taker bigger challenges.

I’d say: “If you want to work out in a relaxed way, and you need somebody who adjusts to your needs, go to Niels”

Patrick Dekker

First Officer Challenger 350 – VistaJet

Working out has been part of my life for many years and I’ve always been fit. Last year my training and food derailed a bit, but thanks to Angela’s professional and creative way of working I got re-motivated  and snapped right back.

My busy life as a pilot means being away a lot and being in different hotels with not always the best gym’s or food available. Angela en Niels perfectly adjusted every training schedule to my (advanced) level and in such a way that it can be performed in the most basic gyms.

Thanks to Angela en Niels I went from an almost 20% body fat to around 11% and gained about 7 kg of clean muscle. I can suggest Angela en Niels (BodyMasters) to anybody out there to remain or get back into shape!

Deniz S.

Lawyer Tax law

To start with, working out has never been a part of my life, but fact is, that I wanted to lose weight. After talking to Angela I started with a personal meal plan and personal training. Angela is the BEST! She has given me a realistic meal plan where I can eat a lot and lose weight. I eat healthy now and I’m liking it for the first time in my life. Angela is also motivating me in the process to work out. Her PT lessons are heavy but also really fun. In one month I lost 8 kg (also -2% fat and visceral fat -1). I really want to thank Angela. She will remain my personal trainer and dietitian for a long time to come. I can really suggest her to everyone who wants to lose weight and get in shape!

Merel Zwart

Model (Zucca Models Tokyo)
Head Designer luxury lingerie Merle Noir

Angela is an exceptional trainer and nutritionist;

My favorite thing about training with Angela is her positive energy and passion for her work it truly radiates off her.  She always creates a challenging and ever changing workout (no session is ever the same!), in the beginning we worked on the correct form for each exercise, This has been incredibly helpful and made me more aware of my body. She always motivates me to exceed my own expectations.

She helped me to achieve my goals and to find both the training and meal plan that would suit my needs. To maintain the right measurements for modeling in a healthy way, she created a detailed meal plan that is easy to follow and very tasty! I always ate healthy but there’s so much more to it then I would ever have figured out on my own. I feel much more energetic and excited to try out the different recipes and work towards my goals.
I would recommend her to everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle with the best possible guidance!

Adela Serrano

Yoga teacher Sisya Yoga
Ekhart Yoga & Delight Yoga

Since I train with Angela I feel fitter and stronger than ever, I also have loads of energy and that, for a working mother of 2 kids is really important. Angela challenges my limits and suddenly I’m going further, lifting heavier and feeling amazing! I have a daily yoga practice but sometimes I really feel the need to do extreme workouts, Angela most defenetly delivers that. I love how she works and how happy she always is.

I would totally recommend her to everyone looking for a great trainer. She’s absolutely amazing.

Michelle & James Steele

Here are some thoughts about our personal training experience with Niels in Amsterdam. We have both thoroughly enjoyed our sessions which we have found well structure and conducted at a level our bodies can cope with. Both of us feel stronger and more confident to go the gym and do the exercises independently. We have been 100 percent happy with the service he provided for us.

We have had good contact with Niels in the gym and via email communication which has helped me establish a sense of community with the gym.

Establishing appropriate and safe exercises but that also challenge are key. We feel this has been done, but our job is now to try and remember the exercise and method, and creatie our own routines- all stuff we can do. The trick would be for the trainer to keep an eye on their clients as they build up independent activity.
Ultimately motivation and good technique are the keys. We feel we have gotten plenty of both. Job well done.

Rene Keijer

online marketeer  de Persgroep – AutoTrack

De combinatie tussen voedingsadviezen en Personal Training maken dat ik mijn doelstellingen bereik en dat ik een gezondere levensstijl heb ontwikkeld. Met de gerichte trainingen merk ik dat ik ondanks mijn zwakke fysieke punten toch steeds krachtiger en fitter wordt. Het resultaat van de PT is door de voedingsadviezen ook echt zichtbaar geworden.


Oplossingen eerder geprobeerd: vele jaren aan fysiotherapie


Aanraden? absoluut, Angela weet waar ze het over heeft, kan goed uitleggen hoe het lichaam werkt en waarom je iets moet doen en ik kan niemand bedenken die beter in staat is geweest om mij mijn grenzen te leren verleggen (zonder blessureleed!)

Saskia Deutz Ebeling

Consultant Acquisition Finance & Structured Lending
ING Bank

Een jaar geleden is mij binnen David Lloyd aangeraden om met Angela te gaan trainen omdat ik naast het sporten ook voedingsadvies wilde. Ik wilde niet diëten (dat had ik al zo vaak geprobeerd) maar op een andere manier en gezonder leren eten en dit structureel onderdeel maken van m’n leven. En het was een hele goeie zet om dit met Angela te doen! Ik ben in een jaar 11 kilo afgevallen. Ze gaf me eetschema’s en tips over grootte van je porties, snacken etc. Verder hebben we het sporten ook opgebouwd naar het punt dat ik nu zelf aan de slag kan gaan. Ik ben me door Angela veel bewuster van wat ik in m’n mond stop en krijg er een kick van om 3x per week te gaan sporten; dat had ik een jaar geleden niet voor mogelijk gehouden. Kortom, ik zou Angela zeker aanraden wil je je op langer termijn gezond en fit blijven voelen!

Erik-Jan Haanraadts

OLVG Amsterdam

Over mezelf durf ik best te zeggen dat ik sportief ben. O.a. acht marathons, de eerste op mijn 46e, de snelste op mijn 48e (3:21 in New York). Toch heb ik een stok achter de deur nodig om in beweging te komen. Het wekelijkse ‘Angela-moment’ is wat dat betreft een geweldige stok. Je kunt er niet omheen. Angela is er, dus dat betekent een uur lang tot het gaatje. Afgestemd op het individu, rekening houdend met kwaaltjes en gevoeligheden, maar op een prettige manier meedogenloos. Na zo’n uur voel je je herboren en realiseer je je dat je het zonder Angela niet gedaan zou hebben.

Jonathan B

Private teacher

I would like to thank Niels for his detail instructions. Working with Niels has been a pleasure and I earned great knowledge. I find his
training methods both interesting and thorough. He interact and push to optimum ability in a very professional and kind manner. I hope we’ll get the chance to have few more sessions again next April. In the mean time I tend to follow his detailed email and build more stamina. I am also looking forward to see his videos on YouTube, I would be happy to share and promote it.

Thanks again.

Joyce Wintershoven

DC Klinieken Amsterdam

Zoals zo veel mensen ben ik lid van een sportschool waarbij er periodes zijn dat je niet of nauwelijks gaat. Ik wilde na een aantal blessures mij weer fit voelen. 2 jaar geleden ben ik begonnen met personal training bij Angela.

Wat een verandering heeft dat tot op de dag van vandaag bij mij teweeg gebracht!

Angela is enorm gedreven, weet waar ze het over heeft, communiceert goed, komt met creatieve oefeningen wanneer er pijntjes zijn, maar getraind wordt er. Ze legt de lat hoog en daagt uit om steeds verder te gaan. Zonder Angela zou ik niet de resultaten behalen die ik nu behaal. Ik raad iedereen Angela aan.

Niki Fekete

Coach & Trainer

Ik begon te trainen met Angela ongeveer een jaar geleden om weer in vorm te komen na een paar jaar met gezondheidsproblemen. Na zoeken en proberen van verschillende persoonlijke trainers, was zij de eerste die mijn situatie begreep en wat mijn doel was. Ze bedacht een training programma dat me vertrouwen gaf. Al snel werd ze ook mijn diëtiste.

Haar gedrevenheid en expertise gecombineerd met haar flexibiliteit hebben mij geholpen om me weer op te laden, gezonder te eten, af te vallen en een betere conditie te hebben. Zij geeft het goede voorbeeld en dat werkt motiverend. Ik heb zo veel energie, voel me weer gezond. Ik heb van Angela veel geleerd over verschillende trainingsprogramma’s en voeding. Ik kan haar ten zeerste aanbevelen als persoonlijke trainer en voedingsdeskundige.

Alvaro Hogenkamp

Sales executive

I like that we started activating my whole body and that in the sessions I am at the same time being motivated and my limits are being challenged. I like that as a teacher he also listen a lot and that hes had a full coherent lifestyle around fitness. I like his approach that sometimes it is not about how much weight or repetitions, but about technique, range of motion or mobility. I like the boxing intermezzo’s. Last but not least: He is reliable, he does what he says.

I am happier and healthier, my body looks much better. I walk more straight and I have more self confidence. I am able to do things that before I thought were not possible. “You can do more than you think” By seeing improvement in the things that I do, in my body and physical condition, I realise that I can do the same in any other aspect of my life.

I would say: If you want to create a healthy habit an d find the motivation to break the vicious circle of a sedentary lifestyle, then Niels provides a friendly yet rigorous approach. With Niels you know that you will not have injuries and that all progress you make, is a solid progress.