Sports massage

Sports massage

In order to be able to move correctly and/or to achieve the maximum performance, it is important to consider preventive measures. It is important to rest your body carefully between training sessions.

What is it?

A sports massage is a specialized massage that has a preventive and recovering function. By performing a deep tissue massage and by activating trigger points, pain is alleviated, blood flow is improved, and waste is removed from the muscles.


A sports massage can speed up recovery and help prevent injuries. It helps prevent overexertion in and around the muscle and improves blood flow. Your muscles will also get stimulated to work better during exercise. In addition, the local muscle tension will decrease.

What does a treatment look like?

First, there is an intake and a profession-specific examination is done. Afterwards the sports masseur will draw up a plan of action. If you agree, the masseur goes to work according to this planned approach.

Single sessions

Per 30 minutes

EU 45,-

Per 60 minutes

EU 70,-

Per 90 minutes

EU 95,-

Basic package Therapy

4 sessions of 30 minutes

EU 170,-

4 sessions of 60 minutes

EU 260,-

4 sessions of 90 minutes

EU 360,-

Additional therapy package

8 sessions of 30 minutes

EU 320,-

8 sessions of 60 minutes

EU 500,-

8 sessions of 90 minutes

EU 680,-