Measuring body composition

Kinanthropometry (ISAK)
Kinanthropometry is the field of science that focuses on measuring the composition of the human body. Due to changes in lifestyle, diet, activities and ethnic makeup of populations, the composition of the body always changes.

What is it?
A standardized way to determine the body composition according to the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK). A 17-point measurement is used.

With this data you can monitor your body composition and say something about the subcutaneous fat and any possible health risks. Your somatotype is also calculated. With the somatotype advice on nutrition and exercise can be even more personalized. Moreover, with control measurements you can check over time whether the chosen intervention works and/or needs to be adjusted.

What is measured?

  • The weight
  • Stretched stature (height)
  • 8 skin folds
  • 5 circumferences
  • 2 bone widths

EU 69,- (including a written report)


Follow up, monitoring, control measurement

It is advised to make a follow up appointment for new measurements after a complete body composition measurement. During the new measurements your weight, skin folds and circumferences will be measured. By doing this, you’re able to find out whether the intervention (for nutrition and/or training) works or not.

How often will we measure?

It is not necessary to schedule a measurement every month. How often you want to monitor your body composition depends on the amount of training you do and the desired goals. We recommend measuring once every three months.

1 follow up measuring:EU 45,-
3 follow up measurements:EU 99,-