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A healthier and fitter body
The new year has arrived and perhaps you have drawn up a healthier and fitter body as a New Years resolution. With these 8 tips, you’ll ensure that your ultimate goal doesn’t stay a New Years resolution!
– By dietitian and personal trainer Angela Oosterling from Body Masters

  1. 0 to 100, real quick
    The biggest mistake you can make is to start the first month with working out every day of the week and starting a strict diet. Did you know that 25% of people drop out after a week? 50% quit their goal after a month…How do you do this differently? Start the first 2-3 months with working out twice per week, for example in the gym. Then you build up the following 2-3 months to working out 3 times per week. Always stay as active as possible: go for a walk, ride your bike, take the stairs … This way you reduce the chance of quitting on your ultimate goal.
  2. Do not start a strict diet
    There are a lot of diets: fasting, low-carb, Cambridge, intermittent fasting … etc. They are diets and with that, everything is said. You’ll keep this up for a while and then you quit. Why? It works in the beginning, right? It is and remains a diet and not a healthy lifestyle. You will, as with any diet, achieve short-term results, but the risk of gaining everything back when you start eating “normal” again is high if you don’t know what you’re doing. Learn to adopt a healthy eating pattern. Then you’re also doing more for your body than just adjusting the physical appearance.
  3. Specify
    Make your goal specific: What exactly do you want to achieve, for when and … is this achievable? When and how will you measure your results? Be honest and not too strict!
  4. How are you going to achieve your goal?
    This is perhaps the most important question that you need to ask yourself. A goal needs a step-by-step plan… For example, what is your plan for your first quarter? Which days of the week are you going to exercise? At what times are you going to eat? What do you have in your house for when you arrive late at home, hungry and do not feel like cooking?
  5. Agenda
    Plan your exercise moments in your agenda and stick to your planned appointments. Just as you would schedule a meeting or appointment with your doctor and you do not just cancel those, you will also do this for your exercise moments.
  6. Mirror, mirror …
    Keep track of your diet. This gives a lot of insight and actually holds a mirror in front of you. “Those small snacks here and there cannot hurt, right…?” Fill in what you eat and drink, using an app, for example on my fitness pall. Be honest and get the truth on the table …
  7. Cheat meal
    Yes, you’re reading that right. You can really have a cheat meal … Plan it. That way you know when you can grab some non-basic foods and that way you have something to look forward to when it starts to become difficult. Read the do’s and dont’s of a cheat day here!
  8. Workout buddy
    There are probably more people in your immediate environment who have a similar goal. Ask if someone wants to be your workout buddy! You can, for example, start exercising once a week on a fixed day with your friend/family member. That way you feel responsible for each other and the you’ll reduce the chance of cancelling on your planned workout. In addition, you motivate each other and it is just great fun!

Do you have no idea where to start and do you want a realistic step by step plan?? We can draw up a realistic plan for you and measure and track your results. Are you serious about achieving your goal? Send us an e-mail to We will be happy to help you out. Nutritional consultations are covered by your Dutch health insurance. Check the website for more information: Body Masters

Promoting health and performance.

-Body Masters

Dietitian(RD, BSc), Sport performance dietitian (CSSD) and NSCA-CPT.

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