How to survive the holidays?

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Limit the damage
The holidays are coming and maybe you’ve already made peace with the future extra kilos or maybe you’re thinking it’s important not to gain too much these days. With these 6 tips, you’ll limit the damage.
– By dietitian Angela Oosterling from Body Masters

  1. Do not stuff yourself
    The temptation is great, but do not stuff yourself. Stop eating before you think you’re full. That way you can taste everything, but still keep it to a minimum … and that’s how you leave space for dessert!
  2. Keep moving
    Before you go to family and friends, try to schedule a training session. If you prefer not to go to the gym with the holidays, then at least stay active. Go for a walk with your family and friends or do an active game in the evening! Dancing is always fun!
  3. Chef de cuisine
    If you are responsible for the festive dinner, you can keep control. That is perfect! Provide lots of tasty side dishes with vegetables and cook with as little fat as possible. There is really no need to pour olive oil on everything, even if Jamie Oliver says so! 😉
  4. Damage control
    If you do not want to think about anything during the holiday dinners, than do so prior to dinner and the days after! You already know the dinners will contain more sugar and fat, so make sure that your breakfast, lunch and snacks are lower in kilocalories (kcal) on the day itself and the days after.
  5. Do not sit at the table with an empty stomach
    You may have heard this more often: “I did not eat much all day, so I have extra space for dinner”. The problem with this idea is that the chance of overeating is huge. You really do not have to eat a whole meal at home, but how about a bowl of soy yoghurt with some fruit beforehand. Light, low in kcal and rich in plant based proteins and fibres, which makes you feel more saturated. That way, you’re not sitting at the table with a rattling stomach.
  6. Alcohol
    A glass of wine at the Christmas dinner or a glass of champagne on New Year’s Day, yes, but do not overdo it. A glass of wine contains 125-150 ml of wine according to standards. You then get 6-7 glasses from 1 bottle. Honestly, we never succeed in getting 6 glasses from a bottle, rather 4 … Assuming you can pour a normal glass of wine, keep in mind that on average you will consume 110 kcal per glass.

If you think it’s important not to gain too much weight during the holidays, we advise you to keep these 6 tips in mind. Enjoy, but enjoy in moderation!
We wish you all happy holidays!

With love,

Angela and Niels
Body Masters

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